For multiple months in a row, when I have entered in all my banking information for an electronic payment--the site freezes. I filled out an Ombudsman email complaint and even that didn't work!

Kept saying "incorrect loan holder name".... Called the Ombudsman #, got someone in India who told me to press #9 on the toll free # to talk to a person. Didn't even exist when I tried that. Called them again and couldn't hear. He said call back later because they were having phone issues in India.

It's like water torture.....one can never get anything resolved. EVER!

I also wonder if the website malfunction is deliberate so that your payments end up being "late" and they collect interest fees...?

My huge take away from my personal Litton/Ocwen disaster--NEVER do something as critical as a home mortgage with anything other than a local Bank where you can establish a relationship, talk to a real person and resolve any issues quickly. Many of us allowed ourselves to get suckered into "low mortgage rates" and didn't consider the downside.

Lesson learned the hard way by me.

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