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For someone Litton to receive a bail out and not help their customers is really some greedy losers. I am getting on board with the class action suit.

When that is done I will do my best to get away from them. They have no rating just losers. Litton tried to take my home after just being 10 days late on my house payment. First and only time I made a payment late in 8 years.

They do not care they just want to *** out your house. They know that they losers because everyone has a canned answer to every questions. Yes, they lose everything that has to do with loan modifications because they do not want to do it. They would lose money.

Plus you have to know what you are doing to get anything done.

Litton cut your losses get out the business. losers.......

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Litton loans received bail out from government. Is this the same litton as litton industries which aided in the development and distribution of the virus HIV/AIDS.

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