When you call this company, you are greeted with a saying that they are a debt collection agency and are trying to collect a debt. My mortgage was sold and now I have to deal with this company and I am never late with my mortgage.

We should not be treated as deadbeats. I did not ask for my mortgage to be sold. Why are customers being treated like they cannot pay their bills when this clearly is not the case.

They should have separate departments for people who cannot pay their bills and those who can pay their bills.

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Sammie and Sally are the same person! during the day he is Sammie and at night he turns into Sally!

That the kind you deal with at Litton. the smart ones see's this Circus and

Runs not walks out the door.


That loses our paper works and asks for same documents again and again to delay the whole process


Do not think for 1 minute this company is fair honest or any good thing they proclaim to be it is based on maximum fee assessment thats how they generate their income having me loans go to the brink foreclosure more fees for customrs attorney fees losing your paperwork? adding more fees alittle closer to foreclosure=more fees trust no one at this CO.IT'S ONLY ABOUT $ YOURS & HOW LITTON WILL STEAL YOUR HOME :(


Sammie and Sally must work for Litton


hey this is for you all that dont understand what we are going through with litton loan and the *** they do to us home owners. they charge misc.

fees wont tell us what it is for. up our monthly mortage payments, rejects our payments, forces us to foreclosuer. will not allow us to refinace with other company with a foreclosuer on credit.. and much more..

this is for sally..sammie and michael..we are not whinners...

these are scames that liiton loan uses to again our $$$ if we still want to keep our homes... inelda


:grin This is not whining... LItton is the biggest group of unresponsive jerks I have ever encountered!!!!!


Litton loan is a legitimate company NOT A COLLECTION AGENCY. I would suggest you get educated when buying a home before you bash a good company, when you first buy a home there is fine print in the documents that like you and many other ignorant home buyers do not know that your loan can be sold to another company at any time, read your docs before feeling victimized. :?

Tollegno, Piemonte, Italy #48655

Refinance with another company... or sell your home. Stop your crying :cry

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