I have had the same problem that many others have had. let me start with i am 47 have worked hard all my life i was also hit with reduced hours and pay trying to make ends meet after my girlfriend was layed off i was the sole provider use to large overtime checks iwas cut back to just forty hours a week .it didnt take long with the added expense to get behind .i asked for a modification after one full year of send us this and that i got a certified letter thinking finaly .i was greated with my worst nitemare that i was denied my HAMP due to my expense not being greater then the 31%to be eligible.i was told in the start of this that i did.they also sent a notice of default and intent to accelerate unless they got the money i was in the rears.total panic went threw me .two days after sending i got another leter saying congratulations you are eligible for a modification but this was at 8.125% interest and the payment was $50.00 higher then what i was paying to begin with .i then had to seek legal help with this.

after calling them to ask if there was any chance of a forbarence i now have to pay for a modification attorney .

this goes even deeper .prior to the attorney i contacted litton to inform them not to draft my bank account they told me they would document my account .well they did draft and launched me into a 1200.00 overdraft with my bank.i have worked hard for what little i have and to have this happen when the OBAMA plan was to help not cost us everything we have. THIS IS AMERICA IS IT NOT WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO STAND UP NOT SIT DOWN ANDLET THIS KIND OF *** GO ON .DIVIDED WE FALL

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