Litton Loan Servicing is corrupt, to say the least. The recorded messages every day that they have tried to reach you earlier today (when the call arrives as the first call of the day at around 8-9 a.m.) is just a testament to their lying.

Dealing with loan modifications and the story is the same. They have misplaced the paperwork, or did not receive it (even after it was faxed and transmission was verified as received at their end). All they want to talk about is the amount you are behind (even though you are current) and want to know if you would like to make that payment today. Otherwise, they inform you that they will continue to report you to credit agencies of your delinquency (but the loan is current).

However, they state the loan is not current and want you to submit paperwork to verify you are current, but low and behold, they never get that information or it is lost. There is something very wrong going on here. What can we do? Apparently nothing, the government seems to have their backs.

There has to be a way to flush these rats out. Maybe a well organized complaint.

Any attorneys out there wanting to take this on as a group civil action?

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am about to loose my home.. Litton has not even Properly informed me that my Loan Modification was denial...

Class Action Suit is our best option...

please contact me if you like to star a law suit against Litton Loan Servicing... We should all get together and do this....


Why modify fraud when you can use it to your advantage. I had my mortgage audited and it contained 9 violations.

Paperwork is now being prepared to address these banksters in court. Have something to show your lawyer, like violations of the law that an expert can testify to where he can not as he is your lawyer. Take them to court individually rather than class action as they have to pay for more lawyers that way and you can use all of your violations not just those that are common to the others in the suit. endlessfrauddetection.com is where I got my audit and the website is a wealth of knowledge.

They also have a radio show and last Thursday's was very informative. The link to the archives is on the front page below the media player.


Litton Loan modification program is a scam. Not sure how to prove it but maybe someone out there can.

First of all, I am making my payments, but my income was cut in Half late 2008. When Obama's plan came out for those of us who are making our payments, I applied...sometime in April of 2009. I wrote a hardship letter telling them I am making payments out of savings and explaining why I am applying.

Litton said they had a better program and did not want to use the government one...First Red Flag

They put us on a trial modification saving about $300 a month. Not much, but something. Every month they asked for paperwork. The same paperwork I already gave them. Every week I get a phone call saying I am late. I call and they say, no you are not late. This goes on for a YEAR! These past few months, they asked for bank statements, updated income statements, etc...same stuff. Not even new dates...just the same stuff!!!

Every week for the past several months, I get a call, asking for more paperwork...then another saying I am late. I call them, every week and they say verbally, that they have everything and I am not late.

The I get a call explaining that I have been denied because I have enough in savings to make two payments, but they will consider me on another program...many calls later...in which NO ONE knows what they are doing and I get conflicting information every call, they say I am denied...an get this...

I owe the difference in what I would have paid betwen the trial modication and the original loan...for the entire year. And get this...you are two months behind maybe you should short sell your house!!!!

Sounds crazy, but I am not kidding. I have a friend who I mentioned this to. Later we found out he is also on litton and applied about the same time I did. He gave me the EXACT scenario...but he now owes $9000 - instantly...remember he too was current one day and owed this the next day. They are threatening to foreclose, Although he did rything they asked.

Is there something wrong here?

Any lawyers out there?


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Only and if ONLY you have ever dealed with Litton Loan do YOU have room to talk!!!!

Hameenlinna, Southern Finland, Finland #133204


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