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Unpon numerous attempts since being notified by Litton that Ocwen has assumed my mortgage, I have been unable to contact anyone about a billing error. I have approximately 9 months left on this mortgage and my billing shows an increase due in payments. I cannot get...
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so annoyed!!! spent 90 minutes on hold with ocwen only to hear \"our offices are now closed. good bye\"!!!!! litton only gave ocwen half of our mortgage info - not honoring ...


Litton Loan Servicing has continually commited crimes against consumers, the management has accomplished this by creating false documents, charge excessive fees beyond what is...

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Avelo mortgage sold our loan to litton and it has been a nightmare ever since.First claimed they never received pymt by electronic,then letters strarted coming,claimed to pay our insurance and taxes when we were paying them.they took six mos to record our...
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We receive monthly statements from Litton and make monthly payments. All of a suddeen Litton is trying to foreclose on the mortgage. No prior notice of any problem. We have the house insured and all is well, we thought. I went to the Litton On Line and we have no...
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Larry Litton

This modification B.S. is B.S. good news is if you do enough research you can get Larry Litton\'s main number!!! Which happens to be 713-966-8800 Have a great day

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I believe that I too have been ripped off by Litton Loan Servicing. I tried to enter into a Loan Modification in Feb 2008 and although they promised it would only take 3-4 months to do by the end of June 2008 they had barely started and had my home of 8 years...
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Tom Hudson

My family & I have been ripped off by Litton Loans as well. We jumped through all the hoops this company demanded. We fell on hard times with the loss of jobs and being on fix...


Litton Loan is owned by Goldman Sachs, one of the most powerful finacial institutions in the world. We made our pre-trail modification payments and they still auctioned our...

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We are in the middle of a nightmare led by litton loan. It all started dec/07 when they refused to accept our payment thru the automated system, then I called and was told I needed to speak with Diane kilgore of course I got her answering machine.I left a message that...
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George Hunter

I just found out Litton opened a new site dedicated to doing short sales. A staff who was very professional and they are there to do deals and take calls. I couldnt believe ...


I am a current customer of litton and also an owner of a mortgage company. How far were you down on payments before you called into the automated system to make your payment? ...

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