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I never hated anyone like litton in my life. How can a company be allowed to treat people so badly in every way. I just beat cancer. Always payed my mortgage on time, sometimes on the 15th.

Until I was layed off because of too many calls to my work by Litton. At least 10 calls per day. Finally talked my boss into giving me my job back. Then the calls started again.

Now cancer free and out of work, 3 months behind and they wasted no time foreclosing. Turned down twice for a mortgage reduction. Still getting a call every hour-at home and on my cell. Wish i had died. Eat sh-t litton!

Monetary Loss: $250.

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am about to loose my home.. Litton has not even Properly informed me that my Loan Modification was denial...

Class Action Suit is our best option...

please contact me if you like to star a law suit against Litton Loan Servicing... We should all get together and do this....


Now that you beat cancer how about beating the banks with the law. See they only want people to fail in order to collect the default insurance even though they already were paid when they securitized the note and sold it.

There may be fraud in your mortgage that you were not aware of. You can take that fraud and make those that broke the law pay rather than you paying them to defraud you. When the banks break the law they owe you money, it says so in the law. The way to show they broke the law is in auditing the paperwork.

A forensic audit performed by certified professionals can go over mortgage documents and find the violations of the law. Since a crime may have been committed you need to treat the paperwork as such. From an audit then a letter asking for more information or a rescission letter asking for the return of all money paid in. From there litigation paperwork can be created ready to file into court.

They do not want their violations of the law before a jury of 12 homeowners who may wonder if they were defrauded as well. See all the "mistakes" they make like losing document etc may be more than that, it may be intentional which is fraud. contains example after of example what the law says when it come to mortgages.

If the people are going to take back this country we need to do it one home at a time with the law. Once you have read the law and desire to see those that broke the law pay for breaking the law, contact to start taking back this country one home at a

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