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Litton sent me a letter placing me in a modification where my payment was cut from $1800 to $700 per month. Several months later they sent me foreclosure letter and in order for me to prevent it I had to come up with over $10k.

Not wanting to go to foreclosure and of course not having all that money I hired an attorney to stop the foreclosure and met with Litton personally to see about the modification in January of 2010. We are approaching April and I still haven't heard from them. My modification was denied prior to the foreclosure date for lame reasons such as address being different than mailing address. I have two and they are both the same I live in a rural area and 911 changed it to accomdate the community for emergencies.

The second time they claim I didn't met the investor guidelines, well if the representative from litton that took the application would have accepted my husband's income maybe it would have been different. Either way Litton has proven the they don't want to help people, all I see is that they are taking money from the government claiming they help home owners, then disponsing them of their houses.

If anyone has a claim against Litton or wants to get together to see if we can do something contact me.

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What is the status of your efforts? I am sorry to hear of everyones situation.

I am in the same boat. I am going around to the different sites that have posted complaints about Litton as a consumer myself and rallying up folks to start writing letters to the Attorney General EVERY week until something is done. We need to flood these government offices with letters until something is DONE.

Litton Loan Service in my opinion is a BIG scam...they fit all the signs of a company that scams people out of their money and homes. WE GOT TO DO SOMETHING!!!!


I am experiencing the SAME THING. I have sent my papers in numerous times :( and it is so sorry.

They told me to pay 500 a month then turn around and denied my modification and want me to pay 6000 dollars now. I with all of you and sue those butts. Anyone email me on this issue. So we can do something to bring those jokers to their knees. I am going through foreclosure now.


Service Magic sent Mark, the contractor, to come doing the Countertops and Cabinets installations for my house. A little 3 people business.

I not only agreed with you that they are bad but also agreed with Melody M. from Kissimmee that it was the worst experience ever, and it would be so crazy to recommend them! Contract requires 35% deposit, 35% at cabinets delivery, and 30% at end of job. The works were estimated to be completed in 1 week, not including the 2 weeks lead time to procure materials.

However, the actual works took 3 weeks plus the 2 weeks procurement lead time. Mark would promise to show up and finish the job, but he always had an excuse. It was very stressful not knowing when he was going to show up and work on the job. He is unreliable, irresponsible, and doesn’t return customer’s calls.

He didn’t do what he signed and agreed on the contract to do, and he doesn’t stand behind his workmanship. He performed a sloppy job on the kitchen cabinets. Too many holes were drilled for cabinet door hinges and none of them were patched. He installed a wrong color of the marble backsplash titles in the kitchen.

He also installed a wrong granite countertop color in the bathrooms compared to the correct one in the kitchen, but when asked he said that he would not fix those countertops in the bathrooms because it would cost him too much money to replace them. Overall, I would not recommend Mark and his folks to be your contractors.

I would suggest you find someone else more reliable and always stand behind their works. That way you will save your money, time and be away from all the headaches!


Please contact the Attorney General of your state. you can file a complaint with them



I'm with you guys, I hate them they are so unprofessional I ask for a loan modification 1st Time on dec. 2008 and they got me trial and trial and I just got a mesg from them saying I'm denied bec I didn't send all the require docs which I sent to them more than 5times March..

When I ask for a loan modification I was only 2months past-due and now I have a bal.

Of 40k which is impossible for me to come up with that amount to stop foreclosure. I'm so sad and upset with this bank.


Count me in too!! I've been dealing with their BS since 2005 when my loan was sold to them and they have caused me and my husband nothing but heartache!

Its a full time job in and of itself just to try to protect yourself from THEM! What was once our dream home has now become our NIGHTMARE thanks to Litton and it seems like theres no one out there to help us!!


For all those that are interested in stopping Litton email me directly with how to get in touch with you or call me.



979-270-1955 cell


Count me in, THEY ARE LAME. Their statements are confusing, and they wont waive late fees when it's their fault.


COUNT ME IN! My nightmare is never-ending with Litton! How do we all get together and complain at ONCE?


im with you im in the same boat it dont take a rocket scientist to see what there doing im in va who do we need to contact in each state what dept let me know lets get an attorney who will help

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