In may 2011 litton loan sold my morg. to Ocwen.

I have 20 lots with 20 pin numbers. On this land I have an 18 room home that my family and I live in. Well I got a letter from Ocwen telling me that my escrow is short last year. So I call my county and asked them if my taxws went up because Im looking at my tax bills and they are lower.

Then I call ocwen and they are saying I have to pay like $150 per more to catch up. Now the next day I get a call from the county and they tell me that my 2011 taxes have not been paid and have been sold back in june 2011. I called ocwen starting in june and Im still trying to get a call back from ocwen to fix this. I have faxed all my tax info to them 11 time Iv called ,Iv mailed .

I would like for a lawyer that is working with people in this type of a matter with litton and ocwen problem. runningright1@hotmail.com

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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Detroit, Michigan, United States #852219

My husband and I's first mistake was to refinance back in 2002 and received Litton Loan Servicing as our new mortgage company....Well, I have worked in a professional office my entire office and dealt daily with professional people...Needless to say, I have never ever dealt with such an irresponsible, unprofessional, idiotic, ignorant, ***, and mindless company in my entire life. We finally refinanced again and received a decent, professional mortgage company.

Well within 3 months Litton Loan sold our mortgage to Ocwen Mortgage Company, for which was just as *** as Litton Loan. I have NEVER wrote my opinion regarding a company in my life, but felt the need to do so as everyone else that wrote sounded exactly the way my husband and I have felt for the last 12 years...How can the Government allow this company to continue on ruining peoples lives???????


If a class action is filed again them, I think we would gain power to close them down. They did the same thing to my family and we paid everything they asked us to pay. Every time we called them had to explain from the beginning and the person previously did not write any notes like they said the had done.

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