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The whole time I was with Litton Loan, they reported me late or not paid at all on my Mortgage payments. Kept my credit report a mess for years with inaccurate credit reporting.

Then they sold out to Ocwen Loan and sent all their inaccurate information to them. I originally financed $95,000 in 1996......with the inaccurate numbers that were sent to Ocwen in 2011 they now say I owe $170, other words after 18 years of living here instead of my loan being drastically has doubled!!! Got to be a way to get this fixed as I am on a fixed income and can't afford an attorney. I'm sure the problem originated with Litton, but can't get Ocwen to do anything about it.

Not sure where to turn from here.....also sure there are many others the same thing has happened to. Even did a refinance many years ago to get away from Litton only to be sols back to them!!!

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Antigo, Wisconsin, United States #1210276

I know this was 2 years ago but I am just now finding out I am in the same exact position. Dd you ever figure out how to get this corrected? Please any help would be appreciated!

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