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Here is what happened to my husband and I. We were homeowners with Litton before they bought the Ocwen Mortgage company back in the year 2011.

Unfortunately, Litton is a debt collector and every time we called their office were heard that message before we spoke to a live person. The person who we spoke to was somewhere, in India. We got behind in our mortgage payments and we were contacted Litton and they immediately wanted us to do a loan modification, but we sent the payments to them via Western Union as they requested. We were told to send ten thousand of dollars to Litton's attorney's.

Litton has their own attorneys in Indianapolis, Indiana. Litton calls it a loan modification. My husband I were on a fixed income and still are, because he had to retire due to illness. We told Litton, and they threatened to foreclose our home, if we didn't send them the money to their attorneys.

We had savings from my husband's retirement. We lost that savings when we sent it to Litton Mortgage company. Our credit rating should have went up, but it didn't because the company didn't send the information. When Goldman Sachs was involved in a government lawsuit.

We didn't receive but a few hundred dollars, because the money we sent them years before the lawsuit was never recorded. We are still homeowners after going through a chapter #13 bankruptcy. We wanted to do a reverse mortgage because we are seniors. We were denied and told to contact the government, because we are victims of predatory lending through from our mortgage company.

We have been told that we could not do a reverse mortgage due to our poor credit ratings. What we are tired of is living in fear of losing our home. When we were involved with the bankruptcy court were not told what would happen after bankruptcy. We don't know how many other seniors who are in our situation or have experienced what we have experienced.

We just want other seniors to be aware of predatory lenders who have your home loans. We live on a fixed income and they know that we don't have thousands of dollars to repay them for the years we were in the bankruptcy. We don't have equity as we should have in our home. We don't have home insurance, because Litton never set it up, for us.

We can get home owners insurance through a private company which we must do. It is terrible for seniors to have to file a chapter thirteen to save their home, which is in the thousands of dollars. Probably have to borrow from a family member, because its impossible to get a loan from a bank. Payday loans are in the same arena of predatory lending, but they only go by what seniors receive per month.

Payday loans charge an outrageous payment scale to pay back the monthly loans. We don't want to lose our home and other people who are on a fixed income.

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