I have tried three times to have Litton send me my 1098 showing the interest paid to them for the year 2010 in reference to my mortgage I was told three times that a 1098 will be sent but i have not received it yet.

I can not finish my tax return.

Litton has now sold my mortgage account (thank God). My next step is to file a complaint with IRS.

I will never have any dealing with Litton again. I will tell my friends to run like *** if Litton tries to be their mortgage company or buys their mortgage from another lender.

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Muntinlupa, Rizal, Philippines #1206277

Excellent piece ! I loved the points !

Does someone know if I could find a sample IRS 1098 example to edit ? >www.irs.gov and

Muntinlupa, Rizal, Philippines #1205897

Good commentary - I was fascinated by the specifics . Does anyone know where I would be able to get access to a blank Acord 125 example to complete ?


Litton Loan has disappeared! Ocwen took over the loan in Sept.


Litton never sent the 1098 form, and their website and phone number is down. I called Ocwen, and after a 40 minute phone call, they emailed me Litton's 1098 form.


Failure to send 1098 form as required. Litton failed to send my 1098 for 2011. Litton website says Ocwen will send it but Ocwen says they get it from Litton. Ocwen was kind enough to attempt to find it via email and phone calls but now they had me fax a request to receive it.

Hopefully this will work.

Litton is a bunch of *** except for two people I dealt with there.

I hope they got good jobs as they helped me personally to get a good modification. Thanks to these two people we are still in my home.


I have not received it either and I have not received it from the new mortgage company Ocwen.


Litton Loan Servicing went bankrupt in 2005.

Hopefully they did not sell it to Saxon or your problems have just begun. Sorry.


They failed to report my mortgage interest/income paid to the IRS and I was fined for it.

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