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If your thinking of doing a modification dont waste your time, these people do not want to help you, everytime i call them I kept getting conflicting reports and I got a notice in the mail stating that I did not give them all the documents and that my modification request was terminated, Now I'm doing a short sale, if you can get out of dealing with these people do it, there blood sucking bastards who are not going by the modification programs the government put out.I'm also going to put a complaint with the better bussiness bureau and the department of housing, please dont fall into their games these people are not helping anybody.

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Sorry to hear about your situation. You must contact the Texas Atrorney General and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York with this issue.

These agencies are very good at assisting customers and resolving issues. If they receive enough complaints, may be they will investigate this company.


I have a loan with this company and try to do the modification since 4 months. I send all the paper they required but they denied my loan modification.

When I called they told me that they have received report that there was multiple user of my SS No.#. They did not send me any name of reporting co. or any record. They told me that I have to clear my record from SS.


They can not find any other reason to deny my loan and made up reason.

This Litton Loan Servicing blood sucking bastards need to punish.

FBI, Justice Dept. inquiry and Class action against this company might work.


In addition to contacting the BBB. You need to contact the Texas Attorney General and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

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