Canton, Missouri

Litton sent me a 1099 in 2011, I ask them to correct it as I did not do any work for their company in 2010 which is the year they were reporting for. They found their error but would not correct their mistake.

One lady said it would take 30 days to cut it. I had been at that point talking to them for 2 monthes and tax filing dead line was a few days away.

she refusted to honor my request and here we are into a new tax year (2012) and I still have not gotten a corrected document. I still don't know how to resolve this issue.

thanks, Jerry's Residential Maintenance in Quincy, IL.

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"You will need to call repeatedly to resolve your issue, that your situation has not been corrected and that you have tried repeatedly to get the other company to correct their mistake"

(My apologies for the previous typos....)


When you have problems of this nature file your taxes, as is. Call IRS, request an asigned case worker, explain you will need to cal repeaated to resolve your issue, that your situation and what has not been corrected and that you have tried to get the other ompany to correct the mistake.

IRS will handle it. Chances are the company filing the false claim will be paying a bigger fine than you'd be payng in taxes.

IRS will help you. They have a bad rep but if you approach them with an issue of someone else breaking the law, and they ARE, IRS will pounce and more than likely they will end up audited to boot.


I received 2 1099s for the same foreclosure- one was for 2010 when the foreclosure took place and one was for 2011. Each 1099 reported different amounts.

When I call Litton I'm told Ocwen is now handling These accounts. Ocwen cannot find the account in their system. They referred me to their research department which can only be reached by fax.

I sent a fax on 3/28/12 with a follow up and have yet to hear from them. Needless to say, I have been unable to file my 2010 and 2011 tax returns and also do not know how to resolve this issue.

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